Friday, June 20, 2008

Healing the Wounds

Most writers I know who actually write from the heart write to heal the wounds of life. Most peoples wounds you don't necessarily see unless they open up and talk to you about them. But we all have them. In my mothers and fathers generation there saying about this "Deal with what you can and the rest can." Or in other words can it, stuff it, shut up about it. The problem with this way of thinking is that unless you life or livelihood is in jeapordy then this long term only will make you sick, crazy or even give you cancer. "Deal with what you can and the rest can" is ONLY a short term solution to be used only until you are out of danger physically or financially.

I grew up when Americans as a group were the richest in the world. This time would be the 1950s through the 1970s. After that things started to go downhill for everyone who wasn't really rich. Who was in good shape in the 1980s? The middle and upper classes. Who is okay now? Only the richest. But in the 1950s through the 1970s everyone was rich because of all the social programs for education, welfare and social security. Now, it is definitely not that way.

I write to heal not only the wounds of this life but also the wounds of all the thousands of lives I remember human and extraterrestrial and others. I sort of see this life as a day in the life of my soul. The very fact that I can remember so much might mean that reincarnating is something I might not have to do anymore. Maybe not at all.

I think I chose to reincarnate originally just for the adventure of it all. Because still at heart I am always an adventurer. However, after 60 years of adventuring and raising kids I'm a little different than I was in my teens and twenties. So, anyway, I write to heal all the wounds of millions of years of adventures past, present and future. If you remember your lives maybe you are an adventurous soul traveler as well.

In this life I find myself very gifted as in many other lives I remember. Even though I find it strange to know many things before they happen I have had this same ability in hundreds and possibly even thousands of lives I can remember to a greater or lesser degree.

When I first wrote of Arcane, who was born about 1,000,000 years into the future as a human descended from present day stock whose race had been genetically modified to become human amphibians. IN 1980 when I lived in the little city of Mt. Shasta, California I wrote the first few pages about Arcane on a paper grocery bag from an organic grocery store there. I had walked 1/2 mile home on a beautiful clear sunny day and experienced Arcane's life and decided to pull out a pen and write it outside sitting on my front lawn looking up at a beautiful clear Mt.Shasta. It wasn't until 1998, I believe when doctors expected me to die that I was shocked into evolving enough to realize this wasn't a made up story but my reading of the akashic records of my own past life that I lived in the future and present since Arcane travels back through time to earth starting in 1987. Even though he visits eventually any time past, present or future that he wants to or needs to on earth, my memories of these experiences are integrated into my own here now as Fred. Sometimes, I believe that all these memories allow me somehow to know things before they happen like I do.

I don't want you to think I know everything. I just know what God wants me to which is a lot. Sometimes, if I need to know something I will be aware of what people are thinking or even saying right now or the past or future anywhere on earth. Though this is still a strange experience even for me I have learned that I can usually stake my life on the information I receive.

However, I have had experiences in knowing the future that were very emotionally difficult to deal with. When I saved the life of my 2nd wife and step daughter I didn't know what the consequences would be. I'm sort of glad no one could tell me all the consequences of saving those lives because I would be hard pressed to know what to do had I known then what I know now.

The same is true of knowing when the Loma Prieto earthquake would occur in California with the epicenter within 12 miles of where I lived then. I took my family to Hawaii the week before it occured and watched it all unfold on CNN tv in Hana, Maui, Hawaii. Though I met many other people who had been shown to leave and avoid the earthquake to, they all were kind of disturbed by the whole process like I was. I think for me, because about 50 people died and most houses from San Francisco to WAtsonville were thrown off their foundations then in Fall 1989 I had a very hard time coping and having been in a position that telling a whole bunch of people beforehand would have been counterproductive. I told a few close friends and one lady who was a friend of the family had her home torn in half in the earthquake never wanted to talk to me again because I knew the quake was coming. Sometimes I wonder the usefulness of this gift and yet I know what it is after saving many many lives including my own many times from death and maiming because of this gift. Usually, I don't tell people what I know because they just couldn't cope with that and instead I just redirect them into a non-maiming or non-lethal situation so their lives are saved. This is just what I do and have always done by God's Grace.

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