Sunday, June 22, 2008

It is Very Important that we Blog

I have had this blog site here since last fall. During this time I have realized just how important blogging is to all of us. Especially if we all:
1. Define the problems(that we are having individually and collectively
2. Do research on how to solve the problem and share it(including relevant web sites)
3. Draw conclusions from your research in solving these problems.
4. With these conclusions do even more research.
5. Publish your refined research so others can be helped in this way.

These blogs are read by people who read English in a lot of the world. They don't just go to the U.S.,they go all over. You never know what people will read your problems and research and how it might help them in their lives in solving their problems as well.

For example, blogging has been therapeutic for me personally being able to express in words what is bothering me in my life and what I consider to be real problems in the world that affect all of us either directly or indirectly.

Some of the problems that have been solved through thousands and millions blogging worldwide that I have been personally affected by: are first, the LBAM (Light brown apple moth) aerial spraying of where I live which was done twice. They had planned to spray urban and suburban areas about once a month for several years. However, because of many civil suits filed against the state of California by educated Californians who were either made ill or who had studied the problem created California to give up the spraying of any urban or suburban area in California and to use sterile moths instead as a real solution. Since my wife got severe asthmatic bronchitis for one week right after the spraying my family was severely affected during the first spraying. However, 8 months later all spraying has been ended by thousands of us blogging and educating the state about the health problems caused by not the synthetic pheromone but by the propelent that gives painters lung and asthma problems when it is used in paints.

The second problem that has temporarily or permanently been solved is the noise in my local theater during the pre-preview times of just advertisements. I went to see The Love Guru today and I could actually hear myself think for a change during this pre preview time of advertisements.

Though the oil and alternative fuel problem worldwide is far from being solved now at least more people than before are beginning to understand that oil is becoming only more of a problem and less of a solution every day. Watching the documentary "A Crude Awakening" available from Netflix online DVD rentals demonstrates that no new BIG oilfields have been discovered since 1967 and that all the piddly oil fields still untapped are many times more expensive to develop than the oil being pumped out of the ground now.

Most people haven't done enough research to actually realize that oil at this point is only a problem and no longer a solution. At this point oil is headed for $10 or $20 a gallon within 10 to 20 years and is no longer viable as a cheap enough fuel to be practical likely ever again.

So, the more people that realize this as soon as possible the better. This will create more and more people creating alternative energy sources and vehicles to run on those alternative sources of energy. Doing research on potential energy sources and helping to educate the public worldwide in all languages might be one of the most important things we can all blog about and do research about for the next few years to try to allow as many people on earth as possible to survive these difficult transitional times here on earth for everyone.

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