Sunday, June 1, 2008

There are no problems only opportunities

If you look at life like the title then problems just don't exist, only opportunities exist. It is an incredible short term and long term survival tool to view everything this way. If one just focuses on their problems pretty soon they start freezing up and become incapable of solving anything.

But if you change each problem around to an opportunity then everything changes and there are always new and interesting opportunities arising. As soon as you force yourself to look at everything in this way you are free.

Let me give you an example: The first example could be divorce.

If you are a man going through divorce then the opportunity is to meet and date new women. This time try and meet someone not only nice but wealthy. You ex-wife is sure to clean you out. Just make sure she can't take assets from your new girlfriend or potential new wife.

If you are a woman going through divorce same as above except you will likely get the kids in most states so make sure the new guy likes kids and will be good to them.

Let's take another example. Bankruptcy.

This may seem awful but look at the opportunity. If you get a Chapter 13 bankruptcy for example you may be able to keep not only one car per adult but also 1 home in the process. You pay about 10cents on the dollar to each creditor(although this has changed somewhat in the last 10 years so do research) and your student loans can't keep adding any new interest after you go into bankruptcy.

Another example. Death in the family.

Though this seems really awful, use this time to mend fences with family members who come for the funeral. Heal old wounds. Meet old friends. Heal yourself.

In otherwords no matter how bad a situation is one can find the good in it. for example


either there is peaceful oblivion or if you've been good: Heaven!

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