Saturday, June 28, 2008

Staying Alive

These are pretty tough times we live in worldwide. A lot of people just aren't going to make it in all countries for a variety of reasons. But the one thing I can say is: "Don't Panic!" Even though for some of you this has humorous connotations from Douglas Adams "Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy",it is also a very good idea in almost all situations unless being attacked by a bear or hanging from a rope at 100 feet that is about to break and even then panicking will only hasten the inevitable.

No. Keeping a cool steady head through all this is necessary for ongoing survival. This doesn't mean "Don't get Angry". As long as you are just angry and not going into a rage or something I have found anger has taken me to more good places in my life in the long run than almost anything else. People say, "Love is all you need.!", but if you don't know when to be angry not much will ever happen in your life in regard to money or property or moving to a new place to start over. Mostly, opportunities only come to those capable of feeling anger when things aren't working out. Useful anger can eventually if it doesn't go into rage take one to their next occupation, place to live, place to meet the person potentially of their dreams etc. Without righteous anger we would all be snails living within 25 feet of where they were born.

But first and foremost "Don't Panic!" because panicking is the most likely to temporarily or permanently ruin your life.

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