Sunday, June 1, 2008

Should Oil and Food Futures be temporarily outlawed?

Since many people know that at least $50 dollars per barrel of oil is caused by oil speculators and oil futures traders worldwide it might be time to temporarily outlaw oil futures trading and the trading of instruments that invest in oil futures.

Food Futures and commodities instruments also are unnecessarily jacking up the cost of food worldwide and so could be temporarily outlawed until food production resumes at a level in which millions aren't dying like now worldwide from starvation caused by too high food prices.

It is an emergency measure that must be considered in order to help save the lives of millions the next few years.

The world must prioritize whether the stability of half the governments of earth is more important than allowing oil and food futures trading. I think it is one or the other. In the present world climate of business one has to go. I think you know which one it has to be.

It is said every government is three meals away from anarchy. Because of the inherent truth of this we may see many revolutions and anarchy in many countries this year and the next on earth.

As a precognitive psychic I can say that if these problems aren't handled right half the population of earth will be gone this century as well as half the governments. If you want half the nations of earth to look a lot like Somalia does now then do nothing.

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