Monday, June 9, 2008

ANWR and the Continental Shelf oil

The above internet article describes how drilling for oil in ANWR in Alaska would make little difference. In a previous article I compared drilling in ANWR to trying to bail a sinking ship with a spoon. It is just too little too late. The continental shelf I believe is also too little too late.

NO. The only long term solution has nothing at all to do with oil at all. Oil brings wars, unsolvable untractable and suicidal wars. Oil puts money in the pockets of the new people who want to bury us Americans and Europeans. Solar, wind, grown fuels and fuels like hydrogen made from water and leading to hydrogen fusion eventually like miniature suns running our homes and cars is the ultimate solution to energy not oil.

Just like we moved from kerosene and oil lamps during the first part of the 20th century, we need to now en masse move away from oil as a fuel. In this way we can still use oil for plastics and stuff like that in the future. But oil for all intents and purposes is over if the human race is to survive and not extinct itself fighting over a continually shrinking commodity from now on. If you don't believe me watch "A Crude Awakening", a documentary about oil available from netflix to rent. If you see this documentary you will understand that oil is basically over and wars over it are completely counterproductive to the ongoing survival of the human race.

Just accepting this as a fact will prevent an earth killing war over oil that in actuality is running out very quickly. Other fuels must now be used. Let's not fight over a ghost. OIl is becoming a ghost very quickly. We must switch to new energy sources quickly before it is too late for humans to survive!

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