Sunday, June 1, 2008

There's always Hope

When I was young my mother had a beautiful statue of Quan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy on the mantle as I was growing up. She is a figure in Asia much like Mother Mary is to Christians and Tara is to Buddhists. Though we usually had a small statue of mother Mary and Jesus in the home as well, Quan Yin, always seemed the one to go to for mercy. Even now, if I am in a room with a picture Mother Mary or a statue of Quan Yin or a statue of Tara, I will reach out to whatever one is represented there if in need.

Tonight was such a night. My wife has a statue of Mary in our bedroom and I felt overwhelmed as many billions do with all the changes on earth the last few years. There has never been so much suffering by so many people and animals that I can remember in my lifetime going on at once. The biggest problem right now is starvation worldwide. It has always been there but not to this extreme at least in the last 30 years. And the numbers suffering are unheard of in my lifetime.

So I reached out to Mother Mary in overwhelm from it all. I felt billions of others praying with me all over the earth. I knew it was a watershed moment, a beginning of healing for life on earth. I experienced the now familiar at-onement with all those praying for mercy for mankind and all on earth in all their ways and I felt the prayers begin to manifest for mankind and all life on earth. I searched my soul for an appropriate prayer. Finally, I said, "Dear God, bring mercy to all mankind and life on earth. Please send all our souls to where we need to be as mercifully as possible. Amen"

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