Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Government Disinformation Campaigns

If you are a logical, intelligent and reasonable person, it doesn't really matter what government or even what muli-national corporation that funds disinformation. It is enough that it is being done at all.

Any thinking person knows that when disinformation campaigns on any subject begin that something is being hidden, something is being obstructed, something is being obscured.

When any government, or company puts out millions or billions of dollars to create misinformation, suffice it to say something is very wrong.

The average person gets a hint of this kind of thing worldwide right now with oil and gas and food going up and people dying. Many people are talking about solving these problems but little is being done. Why is this?

One of the reasons is that so many people have been sold untruths regarding oil, food production and even sold untruths regarding Global Climate Change not being real that most people on earth aren't sure what to believe anymore.

There is one truth foremost in my mind regarding all of these things and more worldwide, "WITHOUT ENOUGH TRUTH THE PEOPLE OF EARTH PERISH!"

That is all I have to say right now about deliberate misinformation worldwide.

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