Sunday, June 22, 2008

Laugh or Die

As one begins to remember past lives for those of you who have lived them like me, one must learn to be able to laugh about all the contradictions and paradoxes that arise.

For example, last night my wife dreamed I was a five foot four inch cave yogi about 1000 years ago. She got very mad at me for being this cave yogi and said, "Fred, you get back into my six foot four inch present day Fred right now." When she told me this dream I said, "Yes. That is true. I once was someone like that." She said, "He said he couldn't deal with all the conflagrations that were taking place." Though I didn't laugh then I was laughing inside and have had to laugh on multiple occasions throughout my life as I remembered past lives. I said to her, "What it is like for me to remember thousands of lives is like all the lives are happening right now and that they are all aspects of me right now, full of infinite paradoxes." Also, I said, "I think you might be having this dream because 'The Love Guru' is out and it is affecting everyone's subconscious and dreams who sees the advertisements or goes to the movie.

If I wanted to explain what it is like to remember past lives I think a good way to say it would be to imagine yourself as the main character in every movie you have ever seen. Though the actor(you) might always be basically the same person at core in a male or female body, still how one was raised, their health, their social and physical and mental and emotional and cultural influences all affect ones decisions and attitudes. Also, how one was conditioned through religion or philosophy or culture also affects how one operates both internally and externally within ones self, soul and culture.

So, when I view all this I feel deep deep compassion for not only myself but also for every human beings experience on earth at present. There is a saying, "There but for the Grace of God go I." However, experiencing reincarnation this all changes to, "By the Grace of God I have already been most places."

Thinking in this way develops a being toward infinite compassion for all beings in the universe.

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