Monday, June 9, 2008

Life is maintained through balance

The primary thing humans haven't figured out yet is "balance". If they as a group looked together at what they are en masse doing to Earth and could agree somehow then some kind of balance could be struck.

If there was any one thing that humans need to figure out it is how many people can live long term without destroying the ecology of earth.

This one question answered and then acted upon properly would solve 90% of humanities problems within 300 years if all humans or (enough) could agree what to do.

However, without this agreement, the sentient being, Earth, will do what she has to to create balance again.

Either humans grow up and create balance or it will be done for them. I don't think nuking the planet out of existence is going to be allowed by anyone, even God.

NO. The human platform of existence will be maintained. Religions and philosophies may come and go but what do they really have to do with the real God and the real Earth? Maybe nothing at all. What if all religions are seen by both Earth and God as fairy tales that the uninformed tell their children so they can sleep at night? What if all religions are nothing more than old wives tales? What if both Earth and God exist but don't believe in any religions or philosophies simply because their IQs are basically unlimited while humans IQs at most are about 200. What if Earth's or God's IQs are a billion or more each? We would have almost nothing in common with a being that intelligent would we? Think about it!

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