Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Safe Place During Corrupt Times

The present times we live in 2001 to the present are the most corrupt times for my country in my lifetime. Yes. the Johnson and Nixon administrations were corrupt too but mostly in a different way than now. Then it was more about Viet Nam for Johnson and then add Paranoia for Nixon. However, the times now are about scaring the money out of the American people and the whole world. Just like a mugger if you scare the people bad enough they will give you their money and run. Just like now worldwide.

I was reading about how someone in our government was fired recently because they wouldn't pay KBR(formally a subsidiary of Halliburton) for unsubstantiated bills for 1 billion dollars in Iraq. The government watchdog was doing his job and got fired for it. 1 BILION DOLLARS COULD BUY EVERY AMERICAN A WHOLE LOT OF GASOLINE! AND IT WAS STOLEN BY KBR AND THE GOVERNMENT WATCHDOG WAS FIRED FOR NOT GIVING IT TO THEM! If that isn't corruption I don't know what is!

I did the math at $4.50 a gallon that would buy 222,222,222 gallons of gas or if we take the 2007 population of the United States 301,139,947 (July 2007 est.)
that would buy 3/4 a gallon of gas for every man, woman, child and baby in the U.S.

I would say that Osama Bin Laden didn't screw the American people half as bad as DaddyWarbucks companies have and still do! Yes. There are some very good and reputable companies. However, there appear to be less and less of them that care whether the U.S. rises or falls. That is the tragedy!

So, I was thinking how people should respond to all this. The first thing is that one really can't trust the U.S. Government lately to be on the side of the people, their soldiers or especially the poor. All are equally thrown into the meat grinder of out of control capitalism during war by daddy warbucks companies. Sometimes I wonder if anyone will be able to reign in some of these corrupt companies ever? They have their own private mercenary armies that can assassinate anyone who gets in their way. Money talks and money kills!

One of the ways to make sure you and your family survive all this is to have a plan of what to do given whatever problem arises. For example, I live in California. The most likely problems I will have to deal with are earthquakes and fires and maybe and outside change of a tsunami. And like Hurricane Katrina, I really don't expect the government to be there for me when I need them. If they are there, wonderful. But I think assuming no one is going to be there when you need them is a good place to start just like our pioneer forefathers and mothers thought during the last 400 years or so here in the U.S.

Depending upon your personal finances one might need a bunch of bicycles for ones family and a bicycle backpack for a bike trailer, or it could be a motorcycle with a trailer, or it could be a economy car with a tent, or it could be an SUV or Truck with a camper shell or full size Camper on board, or it could be a motor home, large or small.

I think it is important for everyone now more than ever to have a plan of escape to a safer location and to purchase bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks or motorhomes for this escape. For whether you are escaping from fire, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, drought, or floods or even terrorists I think now is a good time to plan ahead for your families safety!

Though I don't think ufo aliens should necessarily be feared, I noticed while I was watching Independence Day(1996) with Will Smith, that the people who were most likely to survive a catastrophe had motor homes as they drove across the salt flat to Area 51 together. Being mobile in a catastrophe as long as there are roads and gas or diesel for fuel can save lives in a big way. Even if your families home is gone for whatever reason, a mobile place to live might keep them alive a long time until you can find another place.

My wife and I bought a small motorhome a few years ago that is self contained, shower, electrical generator, water pressure, shower, toilet, Dvd, vcr, microwave, flat screen tv built in and sleeps 3 comfortable or 4 less comfortably, 12volt dc, 110 ac or propane powered refrigerator, indoor and outdoor shower with a hot water heater, etc. With this vehicle I could easily go anywhere at any time of day up to 300 miles without refilling my tank(which I always keep completely full year round) and be safe there for 3 months time if necessary off the grid. Now, you might think this is silly. Tell that to people who watched their houses float away in Iowa recently. Tell that to those who got left behind in Hurricane Katrina and died horrible deaths.

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