Sunday, June 8, 2008

Thought Worlds

Particle Physicists often say that at a particle level the universe functions as if it is based upon thought rather that something solid like most people perceive it to be that aren't particle physicists.

My personal experience of life at a particle level is that it is based upon thought. But beyond that it is based upon the type of consciousness that one chooses by choice or by ignorance to interact with all life and therefore all particles in the universe.

It is also my personal experience that all philosophies and religions are at core based upon this experience, this actuality. And the adherents of all philosophies and religions mobilize at actualizing this experience. Many or most individuals also, through direct experience discover this as well and mobilize according to their own experiences in this direction as well. In the end there is nothing to prevent all beings, even atheists and agnostics or whatever to consciously mobilize and to unify with all particles in the universe either directly or indirectly and usually both.

For example, when I walk into a forest or along the ocean I personally experience a 10 fold or more increase in basic feeling of empowerment and realization. However, often in a urban or other area I might feel surrounded by multilevel particle chaos. Now, mind you this is just a snapshot of these two kinds of experiences. Other factors must be put into the mix. For example, what people are there? What weather conditions are present? What kind of day am I personally having? etc. etc. etc.

The point I'm trying to make is that some conditions allow a person to expand their relationship with all particles and some conditions are just very challenging in all ways.

There are some individuals that can literally prosper as a being in all kinds of situations. However, one should be sure that they are this kind if individual before tempting fate. Otherwise this kind of decision or lack of decisiveness could be eventually fatal.

When I was young I aspired starting fully by age 15 to 17 to become enlightened in this lifetime. What I thought enlightenment was then and what my experience of enlightenment is now are completely different things. However, in some ways my decision to make the purpose of my life becoming enlightened and then finding ways to share that enlightenment with others has been the best decision I have made since birth.

By enlightenment I mean: physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, scientific etc. In other words the full synthesis and experience of all knowledge available interfaced into the most useful way that I could find in one lifetime. In that I have succeeded.
It is my experience that millions and even billions have succeeded at this to a greater or lessor degree, each in their own way on earth at this time. I both sense and experience their presence and actions as an enlightened being.

There is also one of many thousands of unexpected things that I have learned as an ever evolving ever enlightening being: I have found unexpectedly that there is also a type of enlightenment that appears to be present in all animals, birds, aquatic creatures etc. I had not expected this as a child and young man.

This knowledge came quite unexpectedly. While studying Cultural Anthropology I realized that I was a natural Shaman. I realized this when I read the college textbook definition of what a natural Shaman was. It said a shaman was someone who had psychologically died but whose body still lived on to help their tribe. This person could live in the realm of both the dead and the living and communicate with both. Since this was my experience at age 22 when I took this course I realized that I too, was a natural shaman.

So, from this point after having this realization I began to pray for all beings that were dying or had just died both human and animal. I always prayed as I viewed or became aware of any death human or animal that the human or animal would go to the nearest heaven. Later, in studying Buddhism I found a mantra for this to take all beings to the Land of Pure Joy, which is the nearest heaven for all beings and from that safe place they can go to whatever heaven they are suited to since there are literally thousands to millions of heavens. As a young man I was allowed to look into many many heavens. Since I was not dead I wasn't allowed to actually go into a heaven realm unless I was asleep and dreaming but soul traveling consciously I was allowed to look into many heavens. I discovered that there were individual heavens and that there are also group heavens for every philosophy and religion on earth. I realized then that each religion scaring people into having to believe their individual religion had absolutely nothing to do with anything real but only to keep that religion financially solvent and in business so to speak. This greatly changed how I viewed religions because of this experience.

Back to the original point I was making in regard to animals and creatures of earth. I have unexpectedly found through direct experience that there are enlightened animals and creatures of earth. There are not just enlightened humans. This is incorrect. There are among all types of beings everywhere in the universe enlightened ones who lift that group of beings. This was a complete revelation to me.

I discovered this by praying for beings after their passing to go to the nearest heaven. Most of the time, those beings, if they weren't still reacting to the pain of their death would say, at the very least, "Thank you for helping me to a heaven realm". Other times beings would say telepathically, "I'm okay already. Thank you." But I discovered the enlightened creatures of earth would say, "I'm fine. I already moved through on my own and invoked beings to help me." This was very unexpected for me.

The other unexpected blessing I noticed is that my praying for all beings as they passed on to go to the nearest heaven did not go unnoticed by any beings. I found that whether they are human or animal or earth creature these beings after passing if they were allowed would help me do my work in helping other beings. They would assist in guarding me or the beings who were passing on or help in whatever way they were able. So I would share with you that assisting beings to a heaven realm is one of the most blessed things to be involved with as long as you realize that the beings have their own religions and philosophies and so one must always honor their wishes in regard to their passing.

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