Saturday, June 14, 2008

Be the Change you want to See

I was watching No Gas: We were warned on CNN. They seem to be playing it again because it is even more poignant now than when the special was first made. Almost everyone recognizes the problem that oil is creating on earth and no one wants the wars and problems that it will inevitably create if it stays the standard any longer for earth energy.

One way to create change is to form Energy Co-operatives worldwide. Just people helping people to survive energy wise by creating innovative energy co-operatives. Though at first this may by-pass big companies and corporations who tend to move much more sluggishly like old battleships, people by being innovative worldwide and joining together in experimental business ventures can create enough real options of different types of fuel sources and energy sources to help prevent a real oil calamity from getting any worse than it already is.

The oil problem combined with the Global Climate change problem is much more serious than World War I or II combined with the Cold War. Only by mobilizing world wide like we did for World War II is there likely to be even a relatively good outcome for the human race this century. Alternative sources of energy can be developed by all who wish to actually survive this century on earth. This will be necessary for any of us to survive this century or the next few centuries here on earth.

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