Monday, June 9, 2008

US and EU to issue Iran warning

The internet address above takes one to an article at that speaks about a warning the US and EU are giving to Iran.

I'm concerned as a precognitive psychic that a new blunder like Iraq is about to be made some time from September to November. In another article within the last 3 months I mentioned that I sense that any war with Iran that begins between September and November results in a very long World War of over 10 years or more.

It is possible that a war with Iran by the US and EU nations before August or after November might have a completely different result. However, people should at least consult multiple astrologers because even though I am not an astrologer, I believe they would likely concur concerning the disastrous effects for all human kind which tend to come almost like an atomic chain reaction of events for everyone if a war with Iran begins in the months September to November of 2008.

If a war begins September to November 2008, the war will eventually include both Russia and China and not on the EU or US side either. Both Russia and China will consider a war during this time by the US with Iran the height of stupidity and a sign of incredible weakness and incompetence by the US and an opportune time to wipe out or to take over the US.

However, if this war was begun by Israel and the US and EU's part in it remained somehow secret then China and Russia would not move against the EU and the US eventually. The reason for this is that they could not publicly chastise the US and the EU. However, they might move against Israel so this whole thing is still problematic. The sequence of events in both these situations covers at least 10 years or more. September 2008 to November 2008 just seems to be a bad time for a big attack on Iran.

Though Israel might get away with taking out Irans nuclear facilities if it could show probable cause in some way.

I, personally, don't want to see any of this. Remember my motivation is so the human race doesn't go extinct within 300 years. This is the primary reason why I'm writing this. As you can see I'm not Apocalyptic in my thinking.

Also, the above internet article is related to what I was saying throughout this article.

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