Monday, June 9, 2008

Speculation in oil and food tantamount to manslaughter

Many people have no conscience, especially when they fear for their lives, family and future as well. These are the times we live in. However, it is important to note for those of you who actually believe in something and have a conscience that speculating, especially in Oil and Food futures is now in the process of murdering millions through long term and short term starvation because many people just can't afford to buy food to stay alive. This is why I say oil and food speculation is beginning to kill millions. Though 10s of millions might die this year because of this, 100 million or more are said to be declining in health because of not enough protein to keep minds and organs working properly.

It is said that at least 50 dollars per barrel of oil or more is caused by speculation and no other single reason. Similar increases are happening to almost all food futures, especially, in wheat, rice, soybeans and others. All the basic staples that people need to survive are in difficulty price wise.

I have a statement I live by. "Don't do anything you can't live with long term". Other people might say, "Don't do the crime of you can't do the time". For me, however, it is more basic than that. I, personally, don't harm people directly or indirectly because I can't live with that. I base my life on being as kind as I can and still live well. So, I am a survivor but I can live with whatever I do.

If you have a conscience remember, whatever you do you will have to live with as long as you live. If you are young that could be a long long time!


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cpic said...
Is is also a Taboo topic to discuss the Big investment banks in the U.S and Europe betting heavily on Oil and Food futures. (perhaps they are looking to repair balance sheets after losing Massively in housing debacle?) bueller ... Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have been revealed to be the two largest players in the commodity market.

People shouldn't shake their heads at uncomfortable truths or stare apathetically as they are slow cooked like a frog in a pot.

The Global financial institutions have undermined our (and many other govt's past) morals and now compromised politicians, a compromised media and central bankers that know who butters their bread are taking everyone on a ride that GAURANTEES a lower standard of living for the majority of american's and most other's in the world.

Their is a anti oil speculation bill in congress right now that may work if we have enough congressmen that are not compromised to pass this, mind you a similiar bill in the parliment would need to be passed to regulate I.C.E futures trading in Europe and then poof their would be a rush for the exits. However a Food speculation bill must be attached because other wise the money would just flow from oil to food because big investment banks in the world are desperate to repair their balance sheets from the Home mortgage mess.

We need a informed and active public to show an arrogant financial elite that the people of this country still have the will and means to engage positive change for our futures, we can wait for our compromised secretary of treasury Hank paulson (who used to be head of GoldMan Sachs to do something about this) we can't wait on central bankers (that no who butters their bread) in the FED or ECB to stop providing the accomodative intrest rates that keep the dollar low/ euro high so global investment banks can recoup their mortgage losses in oil and food futures. These banks are greedy yes but unless we the people use of knowledge and means to do something about it we are responsible as well.

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just to note first word of comment should be IT not is and on last paragraph forth line should state "we can't wait".

this blog comes up as first hit when you google oil and food speculation and i would appreciate any feed back.