Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Winds and Drought

As a lifelong precognitive psychic when I look into the future 20 to 50 years or more what I see is that the biggest problems people on earth will face is the winds and the droughts. Because even though floods and hurricanes seem to be a bigger problem at least they are of short durations and bring water with them so people don't die of thirst and they can still grow crops after they clear the land of wreckage.

No, winds (including tornadoes) and long term drought might leave whole new areas relatively uninhabitable or at least unable to grow food even if the land is good.

I was looking just at the tornado death statistics for this year in the U.S. They are already at about 108 deaths in the U.S. from tornadoes already. I think the average for a whole season is between 30 and 50. So only part way through the tornado season and we are already 2 to 3 times beyond the average so it is likely going to be a 200 to 400 death season in the end which is sure to horrify and devastate a lot of people.

I think less people will rebuild above ground as these winds increase over the next few years and more (where there isn't underground water problems) will choose to build underground or within an above ground earth berm that will be relatively impervious to tornadoes. Windows could have metal shutters on metal hinges that would be less likely to blow off during high winds than wooden ones.

Those who choose to stay in Tornado alley should be aware that these winds will likely increase over the years and get a lot worse than now because of erratic Global Climate change. Just one look at the North pole Area and the loss of ice will tell any educated person that everything weather wise is going to change.

The plants all over the world are kicking out pollen at an unheard of rate as if they too think the world is ending. I don't think the world is ending. I'm not apocalyptic in my thinking. I believe some humans who choose to will survive no matter what.

So my philosophy is:"Prepare for the worst but hope for the best." My pioneer ancestors since 1720 in America all thought this way and so do I. It's why we survived when others didn't.

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