Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Supreme Court Says No execution for Rape

Despite any point of view you might have regarding this, all of us must admit one thing. Less people now will be killed after being raped. If a rapist knows they won't be executed for the rape there is less motivation for them to kill after raping. Females rapes of both females and males are also becoming more prevalent, this also brings new problems for society. There is also an increase of female assault and battery against both females and males as well. This is a logical reaction to equal rights for both sexes. It creates more equal problems and more equal solutions for all and a different kind of society worldwide than has ever existed before in recent world history.

I think the Supreme Court is moving down a path similar to most of Europe where it is considered uncivilized to execute anyone. This seems to be the direction of the way things are presently going.

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