Thursday, June 26, 2008

Guns for Self Defense;

The Supreme Court has ruled that hand guns can't be outlawed for Washington D.C. residents. In so doing it has affirmed the right of all Americans to own hand guns and rifles.

I believe that the only real reason that the United States hasn't been completely overun and our government overthrown formally from within or without is the fact that American citizens can arm themselves. You don't have to share my belief. However, I believe that the world is as free as it is mainly because all Americans can be armed if they want to. I believe the arming of Americans is the mainstay of a free world. Even when european nations take away most of the guns of their citizens, it only makes me think of Hitler first registering, then taking away the guns of everyone especially jewish people. Do you think the Holocaust could have taken place if Jewish and all people were allowed to keep their weapons in Germany and in Europe in general?

My family have owned guns since they first came here in 1720 from Switzerland and Germany. We needed them to settle the land from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kansas and on to parts West in Washington and California and Texas. We still need them to prevent overthrow of our country from without or within. People who don't understand this haven't been outside this country to know just how difficult the rest of the world is. People obey our laws here in the U.S. because citizens have guns to enforce them if necessary. Both our military and police understand this too.

I was given my first rifle by my grandmother when I was 8 in 1954. I learned to be a an excellent marksman by the time I was 9 or 10. Even though the last time I had need to shoot a gun it was at a green Mojave sidewinder rattlesnake(which is 9 times more lethal than a diamond back rattler venom wise) as it tried to go into my father's desert house. This was probably in the early 1980s.

To me, a gun is a tool just like a hammer or a shovel. It is something you need only need when you need it. It is not a toy. I'm not even interested in target practice since I grew up and haven't even had need to shoot a gun for over 20 years. But when you need one you need one. It's a tool and I believe if you live in the country you should train your children young the rules of using a gun. To me, it is as useful as a bicycle or driving a car. It is about the survival of your nation, and your family. It is a useful tool when you need it. That's all.

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