Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One Energy Solution To be developed now

If you view the demonstration video found lower down on the page of the above internet address you can see the water powered hydrogen fuel cell in action. They say that in that little test vehicle that 80 kilometers per hour can be maintained for about 1 hour on one bottle of water, salt water, river water or even tea. If this is true then this is a remarkable breakthrough.

I would like to see this device sold separately without a vehicle so that all hybrids worldwide could add this device as an electrical generator. In this way even if gas was prohibitively expensive people could still just get water out of a tap anywhere or even dip into an ocean or river to power their hybrids worldwide. So in an emergency or just
driving to work or on business people could still get where they need to go. A device like this would be an excellent backup for home or business solar powered systems as well worldwide. Power could be stored in batteries for present or future use.

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