Friday, June 13, 2008

Become a Buddha

The first part is easy. It is said that everyone is already enlightened they just have to realize it. So, I say to you, believe you are enlightened and you are. In the end any two people could be experiencing literally anything and one of them could be a Buddha. The only real difference would be the perception of the Buddha. The Buddha would know that he or she was the same being as all other beings in the universe and that would give the Buddha peace in knowing this. The Buddha would know and experience all beings as his or her cherished relatives and bless them in his or her mind and heart. The Buddha would know how best to help all in whatever situation was going on at the time. The Buddha would see the past and future and understand all the life connections with all other beings throughout all time, past,present and future.The Buddha would know all this but also know that only this moment was important. All other moments had already happened or would happen. The Buddha would know he or she could go to any other being or beings in any time or space as needed. However, the Buddha would know that perfect being in this and every moment was his or her calling or duty and pleasure in each moment. Being around this Buddha all would feel drawn to become just like him or her. Understanding what the universe is all about comes from being around one becoming or living as a Buddha.

This is my experience.

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