Monday, June 9, 2008

Blonde and Blonder

I was at a local video rental store and found Blonde and Blonder. I thought at first it might be lame but when I showed it to my 12 year old daughter. She read the cover and got excited about the movie since there is a love for blonde jokes because of my wife and God daughter. What to me is funny is that my wife and God daughter(both adults) are the opposite of most blonde jokes because they are extremely intelligent. So it only makes the blonde jokes funny to them both more. Also, only really intelligent blondes play dumb blondes well.

So I was happily surprised at this movie. Of course it does not compare to the Reese Witherspoon blonde movies. However, this one is just what the doctor ordered tonight for our family. It was wonderful mostly mindless humor and at PG-13 it was something tame enough to let my 12 year old watch with us. We all felt uplifted by the relatively mindless plot and shenanigans and it made us forget all the problems in the world while we watched.

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