Saturday, June 7, 2008

US problems versus China and India's problems

I have been thinking a lot about this today. The US is at a distinct disadvantage in some ways compared to China and India these days. For both China and India, things have never been this good. For the U.S. things are bad and getting worse and very few people have seen things getting this bad in the US since Viet Nam, World War II and the Great Depression. It is really a mess.

However, what we have going here is an infrastructure that neither China nor India have. Yes. They have an infrastructure but much of it dates back one hundred to 1000 years or more. Almost all US infrastructure is less than 200 years old. No matter what happens except a 100+ megaton hydrogen bomb going off 100 miles up with resulting nationwide Electromagnetic pulse or a nationwide Earthquake of 8.0 to 9.0 or worse we likely will be mostly okay because of our infrastructure of buildings, roads, wiring, plumbing etc. nationwide. Though much of it needs to be maintained or remodeled, still it is there. Our infrastructure of technology and our highly educated populace is capable of almost anything given the right motivation and encouragement.

Things could get much worse for us, but as a nation here in the U.S. we have been through much much worse and now we may need to draw upon the letters and writings and books from ancestors and how they survived what they survived to give us all encouragement and strength to go on now.

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