Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Nones now 16% of U.S. Population

The Nones it turns out are people "who say they have no religious affiliation". But what I find interesting is that "For most, they're not rejecting God," says Erin Dunigan. "They're rejecting organized religion as being rigid and dogmatic." quote from page 68 of Time magazine March 12, 2012.

In some ways I too fall into this category. Though I believe and have personal experiences every day with Jesus, Saints, Angels because I am after all an intuitive and experience God 24 hours a day I find religions basically sort of "Anal" and mostly for people who are afraid of God. On the one hand I totally get what being a "God Fearing" person is and I spent most of the time from ages 10 to 15 being terrified out of my mind that I was going to die from Childhood epilepsy. However, also because of that every day terror of a near death experience I invoked God to live with me in my body permanently. As soon as I did this my seizures stopped permanently and I never had one again. However, having God live with you inside your body is also terrifying in a new way and it took various kinds of adjustments to get used to this kind of experience. Though I had sort of got used to it by age 20 it actually took until I was about 32 to feel like I never would need to ever be afraid ever again. So, I look at all religions sort of like I do foreign languages. And I can speak in many of them and understand them and the sincerity of the people who believe in them. I can also see through people who are just mouthing the words because God should be a Real everyday 24 hours a day experience. Knowing God completely one no longer needs religion because religion is mostly for people who need religion so they won't steal or kill or harm people. If you are already with God all the time, religion is no longer necessary in the way it might have been before. However, I respect whatever language(religion) of God people speak but I don't get bogged down in dogma because dogma is only for children who don't experience God all the time in every aspect of their lives. So, religion is useful to the people it is useful to. But most of the time it is not useful to me.

However, I have two favorite religions and they are Catholicism and Tibetan Buddhism and you will probably laugh when I tell you why. I like them both because they both are very supportive to families. And if you travel around the world like I have the one thing you notice is that the people most likely to die are those without  good or strong families. So, organizations that help people not die unnecessarily tend to be good organizations in their long term effects upon mankind.

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