Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lady Gaga in Madison Square Garden

My son was watching a full length Madison Square Garden Concert of Lady Gaga. Though I had seen her do songs on various shows at the Grammy's or Oscars and the like but had never seen a full concert with her in it before. It sort of reminds me of the next evolution of Madonna or something like that. I can see she really gives everything in these concerts but one hopes she doesn't eventually die from her art rather than live like Madonna has. So, I hope someone as talented as this can keep going beyond age 30 or so. Because she really has something the way she combines art and dance and music. I'm not sure when she did this concert but it had to be in the last year or so because she performs "Born This Way" in it.

There was one white costume that was electrically powered that had moving extending wings and extending wings on her head dress. I had never seen anything like it before. My son just said it was in 2011.

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