Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ghost Rider

I usually don't put myself through this kind of thing, especially being an intuitive. I had thought I would go see this with my son but because I had to travel the next day on business my wife decided to go and I knew it was going to scare her so I knew I had to go to protect her so to speak. I arrived a little late to it and found the movie pretty dark in subject matter. I was trying to find anyone to identify with and found it hard to cheer almost anyone because of what is happening in the movie. There is a way where almost everyone in the movie is sort of ambiguous as to whether they are good or bad so this makes it sort of difficult to figure out who to cheer for. However, if you want to see some really great 3D and special effects the movie does that well. I liked the first Ghost Rider movie the best because it was easier to figure out who to cheer for. However, in some ways the 2nd movie is sort of more true to life in that everything winds up being shades of grey which is what life is like often in the end.

Though my wife is intellectually brilliant with 3 college degrees her agreements with God are sort of simplistic which works better than it does for most people in most normal situations. However, in a movie like this she was left shaking and scared. Also, I think the lady sitting next to her was pretty troubled and alone and she picked up stuff from her. Anyway, because she had come in her car and I in my truck we had to each drive home alone. As I looked at her generated field around her car I was worried for her because it was erratic from her fear and sometimes this can make a person make a mistake or have an accident. So, I called her on the phone to calm her down and I succeeded. I asked her to go out to a restaurant my son wanted to go to so when we all got there she finally calmed down and had a lot of fun talking to the waitress and finally let go of the movie and was okay.

I have noticed there are three ways a person can be in these kinds of situations. They can be afraid (which only is going to cause them problems) or (they can be falsely fearless) which is acting like you aren't afraid but since it is shallow it doesn't always do the trick. Or (you can be actually fearless which only comes from all kinds of real life experience) and anyone with the last kind knows the difference.

So, for me, there are many things I don't want to read about or even to see in the movies because it might activate doorways in myself that I don't want opened. So, basically if you are going to choose to be an intuitive there are rules that will keep you both alive and sane and one of them is what you should and shouldn't put your attention on. It is like any other discipline, once you embark upon it often this discipline is for life and the discipline is worth it because you can help both yourself and all life around you to a better life. It is the same reason most people become doctors, nurses and teachers. It is so everyone's life is better, smarter, wiser, and longer.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is if you are sensitive be careful of watching Ghost Rider. However, I do like the Blue Fire in the end.

Also, if you have ever opened up a fairly large motorcycle on a road above 60 miles per hour the feeling that that gives is a lot like the sound and fire surrounding Ghost Rider as he burns up the road.

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