Monday, March 5, 2012

Smart Meter Removed

It took about 1 week after calling to have our Smart Meter removed and agreeing to pay $75 to have it done and $10 a month to have someone come and read our meter. Our nutritionist said she had hers removed too. I'm meeting more people every day that say either their Smart Meter was making them sick or they couldn't get their wifi to work right or cell phone to work right while it was there or their Tivo kept crashing after their Smart Meter was installed. So, for us and many others we have met there was no usefulness to the Smart meters, only ill health, electronic transmission problems of all kinds and concern about having our utility accounts hacked online and higher utility bills as a result almost every month. So, we are very grateful not to have to worry about this anymore at our house.

Note: If you don't know what a Smart Meter is: I live in Northern California where Pacific Gas and Electric or P, G& E is the main utility provider for Natural Gas and electricity. In the last year they installed without asking any of their customers permission what is called a Smart Meter. The problem with it is that it is much more powerful interactive radio transmitter receiver that communicates with all the other smart meters in your area and is also connected to the Internet. This sounds really great except that if your bedroom is on the other side of the wall where you are located you will likely get sick very soon. If your living room wall is next to where your smart meter is outside your house you might get sick. If you have a Wifi it is likely going to harm or interfere or completely blow out your router or modem. If you have a Tivo it will periodically blow it offline and you might lose programming or I suppose your Tivo or other DVR might shut down permanently. If you are using any phones land line or cell phones in your home they might not always work because of transmission interference. Also, since a smart meter takes your utility records online your bills can get hacked for information or you could be overcharged by large amounts. Because of all these reasons and more thousands of people in Northern California are paying $75 to have their smart meters removed and $10 a month to give the meter reader his or her job back.

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