Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Steve Jobs talk on: How to live before you die


Steve Jobs: How to live before ...

TED Talks At his Stanford University commencement ...

If you click on the steve jobs button above or paste the full internet address above that you will hear an amazing commencement speech by Steve Jobs.

Though I was not adopted I had in many ways a similar experience with college that Steve Jobs had. I found myself sort of confused with life between the ages of 18 and 21 and felt sort of overwhelmed by the whole adulthood thing. So, I had a hard time visualizing who I was going to turn out to be in the end. So I, like Steve Jobs found myself taking courses that interested me rather than simply following  a general education curriculum because what personally stimulated me moved me forward both externally and internally in truly innovative and amazing ways. Though my parents didn't always understand what I was doing I developed a life long style of loving to learn and to be innovative and to love life in all sorts of ways and maybe in every way. This made much more sense to me than trying to fit a square peg (me) into a round hole. Looking back my experiences then set a pattern that allowed me to become infinitely adaptable and to still be going strong and interested and happy with my life now at age 63 and able to travel the world with my family as I wish to learn about whoever and whatever I want to and to share that with you and whoever I meet along the way. So, it isn't hard for me to imagine myself at age 100 or 200 or even 300 or even passing on tomorrow. Either way I have had a truly amazing life! I think this is what Steve Jobs was also trying to say to young people: Don't be afraid to explore yourself and all life everywhere! You might be really amazed at what you find and amazed at what happens in your future! 

Later: I was thinking about what worked for me in my life the best. I found as long as I always put people first and when I became an entrepreneur to always "Give your customers exactly what they want if it is possible" that not only are all the  people you know or meet more happy with you in every way, oftentimes you become successful in all or most ways too. 

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