Friday, March 2, 2012


In the latest Smithsonian magazine  March 2012 I was reading about a study regarding bees. There is a many named Thomas Seeley doing a study on bees. He studies them by using little teeny numbers on their backs that don't interfere with flying, eating or likely much else. Under one of the pictures of him with the bees it says: "Seeley says animals other than bees use swarm intelligence-- including, sometimes, humans."

I also agree with this idea and one of the many ways people swarm now is through social media sites and blogging on the internet. You can also see swarming behavior when a group of adults or students gather in a circle to joke and share new information. All this behavior, even partying could be considered "Swarming". Bees use swarming or gathering at some location on or near their hive to share survival information to like where are the flowers, predators coming, or bad weather and the like. So, just like humans in many ways bees use swarming to communicate important information through gathering in groups in person or on the internet or skype or phone or TV or radio or however, people are getting and gathering information in your area.

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