Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Problem with Soul Travel

The problem with Soul travel is that in some ways it is sort of like becoming a professional artist. It can be all consuming of an individual.  In some ways it reminds me of learning to drive a car. If you are the only one who can drive and have a car in your group of friends or associates, you might always be helping them to get to where they need to because they don't have a car and can't drive themselves.

And to make matters even stranger absolutely everyone soul travels, they just don't understand that they do usually. For example, no one can even think any thought without soul traveling. So, for example if you think about someone you care about or love you go to them, or more precisely you share consciousness with them. This isn't necessarily done in real time and space unless you are physically with them. But since in reality physicality isn't ultimately real, one goes in consciousness to where they are.

From the point of view of someone like myself who has experienced what reality actually is, since there is only Being and souls at an ultimately real level of consciousness, whatever you think about you share consciousness with. Now you can see why, "What you put your attention upon you become." If you are going to become a soul traveler it is very important to understand this law.

So then, most of what a soul traveler is everyone already is. However, most people don't know that they are soul traveling every time they think anything or dream (day dreaming or night dreaming). Also, Soul Traveling also can result when one becomes a physical master after learning this for many lifetimes, in becoming able to not only travel as a soul but also to manifest an actual physical body that is just as real as the one you live in now, anywhere in time and space that it can breathe air and that it is safe to be. For example, in my soul or mind body I have been into the sun and I didn't burn up because a soul doesn't burn up in the sun. But I'm not stupid enough to think that my physical body wouldn't burn up if I took it into the sun.

So, the first real problem one can encounter is to realize that everyone is soul traveling all the time just by thinking and dreaming. By understanding this I find it very helpful to help others as I pass by when I am either waking or dreaming myself.

For me, the most useful peaceful state of mind after learning that I was everywhere along with all other beings was to experience being everywhere in the universe with God. This is the most peaceful experience imaginable once you allow yourself to do this. At first, it was counterintuitive to me to do this because I was taught as a child to put up a forcefield in my parents religion and to within that forcefield to keep everything out and to keep sacred flame cleansing me inside of this forcefield all the time. And here is the paradox. I began to notice as I met Eastern Masters that they wore their auras sometimes as big as a county or country or larger. And I started to watch how their auras affected even the weather when they were within 30 to 50 miles of me. And it made me start to think that, "Why Am I staying protected inside this forcefield when real masters extend their auras out for miles and sometimes hundreds of miles or around the whole planet Earth? So, I began, carefully at first during my 20s to extend my aura in compassion to all life around me so that at times it went out 1/4 acre and then the size of a city block and then finally if I was out in the country in a place like Mt. Shasta I would extend my aura out to surround the whole mountain and surrounding forests and I watched what happened. What happened was often absolutely incredible. Yes. It is true that sometimes things get difficult for one reason or another and you might pull in your aura and set up your forcefield because you need to do that. But over the years I found that extending my aura out eventually until it encompassed the whole universe was okay with God and actually preferable to him if I did it right. And when I did this I noticed I felt completely at peace because I was completely with God and everything was all right.

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