Monday, March 5, 2012

My Experience of Soul Travel

I have written about this many times before over the years and each time I approach it from a slightly different angle. Because likely anyone who souls travels just like anyone who surfs on a surfboard in the ocean has a slightly different experience.

Once I had had a "Breakthrough Experience" where I thought I was going to have a heart attack and die and I found myself trying to walk to the bathroom at about 2 am in the morning and realized when my arm went through the wall instead of turning on the lights that I was out of my body unexpectedly and this terrified me at the time because I was completely unprepared sort of like getting up out of your bed and falling off a cliff and falling into the ocean when you don't expect it. So, I walked? back into the room where I was sleeping alone and laid down into my body like I had read one does and just shook so much that I decided to get into my VW Bug then around 1970 and drive home to Rancho Bernardo where I lived while going to college back then. This "Breakthrough experience" set the stage for a complete paradigm shift which was necessary for me to "Consciously Soul Travel". So, after feeling like I was going to have a heart attack and asking God for a "Better experience" so I didn't die, God gave me one. A couple of months after my first experience I woke up and sat up out of my body while I was asleep. I was still connected at the hips but I looked back at my upper body snoring while I was sitting up in another body out of the first one. Then another me (all three of us were wearing the same pajamas) walked into the room with a completely angelic look on its face and laid down into me. This time God had succeeded with me and I said, "Thank you, God!" because I knew I had just permanently shifted paradigms from believing in souls to experiencing my own soul and therefore I could now soul travel when God allowed me to. The other advantage of what God had done for me is that if anyone told me after that that souls don't exist I could either choose to laugh at them out loud or to laugh internally at them ever after. Because they were so severely limited by not understanding that souls are real.

So, I tend to see people like this now as unawakened children who think they are adults. However, the realistic other side of this is that people who don't believe in souls or God or Angels if they were forced to be suddenly aware of God or souls or Angels they might just have a panic attack which would trigger a heart attack and then they would die. So, if you are gifted if you force someone to see God or Angels or Soul you might kill them and then that Karma would be on your head. So, just like with little children you have to be careful what you share in reality with people. I have heard of gifted people doing this with really evil people so they don't hurt or torture people but I have a feeling the karma still might not be good for most people. There may be masters that are able to do this without karma like Padmasambhava, the Mahasiddha did when he killed a thief that was preparing to drug and kill everyone on a dhow, a type of river boat. But one wonders about such stories as to whether they were really true or not.

For example, people can either believe (because they have had their own experiences) or not because they haven't. Either way, I'm not forcing them to experience God or Angels because they are souls with Free Will and I am not a jerk enough to injure souls in that way. When I almost died from my own paradigm shift I had prayed to God for exactly what happened to me. Except that I didn't know what it would do to me and that it could kill me because I was young. But luckily my heart was strong and I lived to soul travel ever since on the behest of God's wishes.

So, for many years I soul traveled when God allowed me to and learned about inner space and outer space and even traveled around the planet in my soul body and explored. But since my primary goal was to be with God I soon went off planet "Looking for God to be with Him". I thought because I was young and naive that I would find God in the Center of the Galaxy. First of all, there is what we call a Big Black Hole there but that isn't how they see it. My personal experience of it would be that it is an entrance to an Anti-Matter Galaxy that is the polar complement to this one. It seems like no galaxy can exist without an Anti-matter Galaxy dimensionally in complement with it in an adjoining anti-matter universe. The beings that Create Galaxies and who also rule this one don't breathe air, or eat food, or drink water, instead they feed upon energy as it goes from anti-matter to matter and back again. So, that is why they create galaxies because it helps them feed. Mostly they are as big as stars and nebula or bigger, the beings who create Galaxies as a species. They also can become human and live millions of human lives at once on millions of planets at once if they want which reminds me a lot of the Greek and Norse Pantheon about Odin and Thor and Zeus and all the half God half men or half God half Women around. Anyway, this might seem pretty out there to you if you haven't experienced it first hand like I have. I found all this out before I was 23 or 24. By about 25 or 26 I tried to go out past the edge of the galaxy and I became terrified because of the void. It would be like being dropped from a helicopter naked in the middle of the Pacific ocean with no one there at midnight without a moon. It was pretty scary for me and I was so very terrified I consciously chose to never soul travel again unless I was rescuing someone in grave danger until I met my first Tibetan Lama. Often Tibetan Lamas if they are Tulkus (Living Buddhas) who consciously reincarnate understand about soul travel because they remember thousands of lives like I do. So, after being around Tibetan Lamas in California, Oregon, India and Nepal I started to not be afraid of the void anymore and found I could go anywhere or anytime even to other galaxies.

Along the way after being able to soul travel about 10 or more years sometime in my 30s I finally realized experientially that neither time nor space are ultimately real. Only being which is the nature of all souls is real. Even earth is not ultimately real or the galaxy or any galaxy but only our souls are real. So, even heavens it turns out are our shared dreams before and after we pass on out of this body for the last time. This is my experience. However, you are welcome to your own. This is how it has been for me.

So, when I started I thought that the earth was real and that the Galaxy was real when I was in my early 20s. I thought that there was a Point A and a Point B or a starting point and a point I was going to so I believed that effort was needed to get from Point A to Point B. However, after about 10 years of soul traveling I discovered that there is really no Point A or Point B and no effort at all is required to go anywhere as a soul because I was already there and you are already there. So, since no effort is required all one really needed to do was to fully believe and experience that they were there in order to be there (in any galaxy or dimension and in any time or space). However, as a caveat it isn't always safe as a soul to do certain things until you are experienced enough or grown up enough to handle it. For the same exact reason that we don't give out driver's licenses to 5 year olds to drive cars. So, even though at core I understand and have experienced all this I still pretend to believe that earth and human bodies are real. If I didn't pretend to believe this it would scare other people and I must not scare others just because I can because then I would not be worthy of what I have learned. So, when God gives me permission I now do whatever needs to be done in any time or space by God's Grace.


Anonymous said...

I came across this post when I was searching for soul travel and panic attacks. At night sometimes I wake up with a panic attack, and I have an intutitive feeling it's due to my soul traveling, but I can't remember anything.
I do believe all of what intuitivefred says here, but it doesn't scare me. I agree 100% that most people don't know this and it scares them if you tell them. Mostly, they would just think you're crazy. Everyone will find out in their own time anyway.

intuitivefred888 said...

Everyone soul travels as they day dream or night dream. It's just that most people don't realize what they are doing. You cannot think of anyone without them being aware of it at some level of consciousness, even though often people try to block what other people are projecting at them for various reasons and sometimes are successful at this. After one understands the true nature of the universe one can (as God Allows) create what happens to them in their lives externally as well as internally.