Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Soul Travel and Generating Compassion

I spent about ten years time learning to soul travel as an adult after God gave me permission to do so. I had begun to pray to God as a child to soul travel so I could be with God and function as one of his angels throughout our Galaxy. So, this was my experience of soul traveling in my twenties as I traveled first all over earth in my soul and then all over the Galaxy when God permitted me to. But then when I went out beyond the Galaxy I was afraid because I didn't understand until I met a Tibetan Lama who because he understood I became capable of understanding too, and then I could not only travel this Galaxy but others as well.

In the previous article, "Generating Compassion" I mentioned a beginning Buddhist prayer that I love which is:

May All Beings attain Bliss and the Cause of Bliss
May All beings be free from suffering and the cause of suffering
May all Beings never be without the Supreme Bliss that is free from
All near and far all Grasping and Aversion

I was looking at the last line, "May All Beings never be without the Supreme Bliss that is free from All near and far all Grasping and Aversion"

What this line means to me is basically from my own experiences at realization: "By attaining the Supreme Bliss and Supreme realization you will see that near and far don't really exist at all and then you will see that Bliss or God is everywhere and so are you."

So, I guess what I'm saying is that through soul traveling the Galaxy and beyond I learned that the physical universe isn't ultimately real. But since Being which is what all souls are is real but not time and space there is only one being in the universe and that being could be called God or Buddha or Bliss or Ultimate realization or even "The true nature of the universe". But when you experience this, Bliss can become permanent as well as God, Buddha and "The True nature of the universe."

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