Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Generating Compassion

When I first started learning to generate compassion as a life choice I met my first Tibetan Lama and realized that a compassionate path was the right path for me and my soul. I was 32 at the time of this realization. Part of what convinced me of this was that I saw that every thing that I thought or felt affected me in my spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health first. So, it was in my enlightened self interest to have compassion for all life in the universe in all time and space because experiencing this would heal me first in every way while also healing all life in the universe in all time and space along the way. I have never regretted this decision once. This was in 1980.

So, I owe this decision to having experiences like: Blue Medicine Buddha and his Healing Dragon
and many others that I write about as a direct result. So, what happens as one learns to generate compassion. The first realization is that generating compassion is a conscious choice. It is sort of like putting money in a savings account for when you need it. But instead of money you are putting compassion into your subconscious mind and aura and field of awareness. So, your bank is you and your health and life experiences. So, you are sort of taking responsibility for your own mental and physical health by choosing to think thoughts that will make you more compassionate towards yourself and all beings in the universe. So, how did I start?

For me, I held onto a beginning prayer in Tibetan Buddhism that I found I really love. I find myself often waking up saying it to myself in my mind and sometimes I go to sleep saying it over and over to myself in my mind. But, it isn't saying it that is important to me, it is experiencing the truth of it throughout the universe in every time and space that is important to me. It is experiencing all life in the universe in every time and space saying this and experiencing this with me that is important. For some people this would be scary because they might not understand the nature of the mind or subconscious. A subconscious is a lot like a computer, if you put garbage into it you only get garbage back out. But if you only put really good stuff into it, you only get really good stuff back out into your life and the lives of everyone else. So, then this is the prayer that I started with and still do when I feel like doing it.

May all beings attain bliss and the cause of bliss
May all beings be free from suffering and the cause of suffering
May all beings never be without the Supreme Bliss that is free
from all near and far all grasping and aversion

To say it is one thing, to constantly experience all beings in the universe saying and experiencing this with you is extremely powerful.

What I also found interesting is that Buddhism to a Christian is not a religion but a  philosophy instead. So, often Christians including priests and ministers are doing the same thing I am and have been doing for 32 years now as it helps them generate compassion and forgiveness towards all beings. This is the exact opposite of feeling hatred or anger towards other parts of life.

Another thing that might be useful for you to know about. As an intuitive and precognitive psychic I see what creates fights and murders and cruelty towards others in a supernatural way. And it is mostly just uncontrolled hatred and anger. And this anger from many millions of people joins together and creates fights, wars, cruelty and mass deaths that often creates wars.

So, if you want to create Peace then generate compassion as a spiritually responsible person. How I do it is one way that is compatible with not only Christianity but most other religions as well. In this way you spiritually help create peace instead of war. When war manifest millions of people suffer and die horribly as in World War II. But by generating compassion you are generating world Peace and your own peace and health as well.

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