Thursday, November 8, 2018

I think agnosticism or atheism is one of the causes of mass murders


Because if you feel you are a part of something greater like the universe of God or Buddha or something like that you respect all life more including your own. If you don't have that then a person's psychology changes a lot in various ways. When I grew up in the 1950s people were much more God Fearing than now and more now ANYTHING GOES. When you have this anything goes point of view almost ANYTHING can and will happen.

For my generation of Baby Boomers we tended to think about all life being sacred to us. So, many of us would never consider killing anyone. But, when this conditioning is broken down by military training then often other things can take place especially in people who get PTSD from awful experiences they witness in the military around the world.

So, the military trains you to be able to kill on a moments notice. Once that precedent is set psychologically a person changes. In the 1950s I was trained to kill animals on a moments notice with a gun which also could I suppose train a person to one day in an emergency kill humans too.

So, even though I'm non-violent I have always been very very accurate with a rifle too since I was 8. But, I'm very very grateful not to have military training so I do not have the precedent in my life of being specifically trained to kill people like people in law enforcement and military have had training for.

But, the lack of God or Buddha or something greater than yourselves in your belief system can ONLY create more and more and more mass murders. And of course terrorists whether they be White supremacist Terrorists who are Christian or Islamic Terrorists are also going to be killing people a lot in this present world we live in too.

But, you aren't going to see as many people who believe in God and consider all life to be sacred (no matter what political view that life has) killing people. People killing people have suffered some kind of abuse or trauma in their lives that they cannot cope with. And usually killing others is a vicarious way of those people killing themselves when they are afraid to kill themselves. So, killing others is a vicarious way of committing suicide. This is why often people killing others in the end of that kill themselves too.

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