Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2035 part 3 continued

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However, here Lilu was looking at Golden. Yes, Lilu was 70 now but things had changed. She couldn't really blame Silver because she knew he didn't consider Purple human. But here was Golden, Purple and Silver's and Marilyn Monroe's son and he was human enough to pass medical tests. Even though he could live in space without a space suit or swim underwater without air and do a lot of other things most(if not all other humans couldn't do).

So, what is the meaning in all this, she thought? What had life brought her? In Silver's mind he was still faithful. Purple had alluded to Earth turning into something Lilu couldn't tolerate if she chose immortality like Silver, Purple and Golden had. She thought deep and hard if choosing immortality would be a good or a bad thing.

Finally, one day while walking alone on her friends' private island she ran into Silver also walking alone and observing nature. His way of approaching life tended to be much different than most people. But today he seemed troubled. When he saw Lilu he said, "I'm having trouble Lilu. It looks like this all is upsetting you, too?" Lilu looked into Silver and he looked old, confused and forlorn. Though he still looked 35 like she did from new medical rejuvenation techniques she felt sorry for him. Silver said, "This Golden thing complicates our life more than any other single event that has occurred. I feel set up for this by the Galactic Sentience but to be upset about that is counterproductive because I am an offshoot of him and designed by him. I'm sort of like an artwork, a masterpiece human specifically designed by the Galactic Sentience for such a purpose. If I believed in God the way you do Lilu I would have to consider the Galactic Sentience a prime candidate for God, even though he doesn't consider himself a God. However, to most beings there is no real way to cope with a being made entirely of energy that is very big like stars and constellations in real life who can have almost unlimited incarnations as humans of earth or anyplace else in the Galaxy simultaneously. I just can't seem to wrap my mind around all this in any kind of useful way."

Lilu looked at Silver and said, "Because you are a microcosm of a God this makes you a God too.
I think this is the most useful way to look at it. It is not that you are THE God of the Universe. You are one of the many Gods God has made here on earth."

Silver seemed to brighten at this. He said, "Yes. To think any other way right now seems only to lead to a type of insanity and dissolution. One can be physically immortal and cease to function. So if I want to continue functioning in a healthy way this must be how I must perceive myself." More later.

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