Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why I write 2-20-2010

Or why I have written over 2000 articles here at my blog since 2007?

First, I am an intuitive Futurist. That means I can generally see the future. By sharing that basic future with you, you then have a chance to help make that future or refine the future yourselves into something you can actually stand to live in. All of us need a way to make the future survivable. I have lived a life that many times(especially my 20s) that I did not expect to survive. So any help in understanding what is coming I would have found extremely useful especially in trying to survive my 20s.

The second reason I write is that I feel I have a very useful point of view. Though I was raised by my parents to be a Conservative Republican, I was exposed to extreme liberals and everything else in college in my 20s, then I started to travel and meet diverse types of people all over the U.S., Hawaii and Asia, Canada and Mexico. Later in life I began visiting Great Britain, Scotland and mainland Europe. Also, I have been a father since 1974 and have been raising at least one child under age 15 all the time since 1974 ongoing. So my oldest is now 35 and my youngest 13. In total I have had about 8 years of college and have studied Computer Data Processing, Computer Programming, Network Engineering, Psychology, Philosophy, Anthropology etc. On my own outside of college in the 1980s I studied with Native American Medicine Men in California, Oregon, and Idaho. I also studied with Tibetan Lamas from 1980 to the present in California, Oregon, India and Nepal. I have also owned several businesses starting in my late 20s. All these experiences plus being raised a very patriotic American populist who became a free and independent thinker who now considers himself not only a citizen of Earth but also a Citizen of the Galaxy allows me to have a very unique and I believe useful and valid point of view.

So I write in order to share all that I have learned that can be relatively safely conveyed to all those who can benefit and help make the Earth, the Solar system and the Galaxy a better place for all who live here now, in the future and in the past and beyond.

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