Monday, February 1, 2010

2035 an afterthought

When I first started writing 2035 I was trying to convey some of what I see coming in the future. The exponential changes brought about through computers, robotics online and web based cellphones etc. are now beyond belief and will exponentially become more so. It is debatable whether all the changes will be more positive than negative when all the tallies are made. I guess each of us must make that choice every day in deciding what we will buy and what we will use and whether we find something more useful than not.

For example, though I'm aware all kinds of people, good, bad, indifferent and some outright nuts worldwide might read what I write. I take the risk to continue to write in the hopes that others will become free thinkers, researchers, and learn and become wise and will help their families and all mankind have better lives ongoing. That's why I do this. So the human race can continue to be a good thing for millions of years both here on earth and beyond.

I wrote both 2035 and 2037 (2037 was written around June 2009) to demonstrate the changes coming. Many types of physical mutations are already taking place by doctors nurses and researchers doing experiments on themselves and others. Some of these mutations will increase lifespans some will not. In the end all of life is a constant experiment. To not see this seriously disadvantages a person here on earth in all ways.

2035 is more about the psychological changes that will naturally come about as people and computers and robotics all merge. There will be colossal failures in this as well as amazing successes. But in the end the law of "Nothing ventured nothing gained" always plays it's part.

I found as I wrote it, the first part sort of depressed me so I started to add in Arcane and Purple Delta 7 from the Memories series. I did a similar thing when I wrote 2037. I was inspired by Isaac Asimov's series that started with "Foundation" and then "Foundation and Empire" etc. (I checked on wikipedia and the full "empire Series" is:
Prelude to Foundation, Forward the Foundation,Foundation,Foundation and Empire,Second Foundation, Foundation's Edge, Foundation and Earth).

The main difference for me is that I am writing as a precognitive psychic. So what I write about actually will happen. It may not happen where I say it will or even how I say it will but the technology will arise likely in somewhat they way I'm writing about.

Though writing in this style influences what will actually happen since I am a precognitive psychic, it is important to note that I am trying to refine time to make it better and more beneficent to all beings. By writing in this style it is my hope that all beings lives will be more free of suffering and more full of enlightenment and wisdom and happiness and fulfillment.

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