Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Uneasy Feeling Grows

Somedays you wake up and turn on the news like today and you remember watching the movie "2012" and you wonder about that? Today the 8.8 Earthquake struck Chile and the Tsunami is now moving out across the Pacific Ocean and will strike the Hawaiian Islands and Japan within a few hours from now. Ever since the 6.5 in Eureka, California and then the 7.0 in Haiti it has felt very strange here on Earth for me as an intuitive. The night before the Eureka earthquake, a very old friend who is always very accurate about these things had a terrible headache and said, "I feel really sick, Fred, it must be an awfully big earthquake that is coming!" The next day both the Eureka Quake and the Haiti quake occurred. For me, it was like a wake up call and I asked God if I and all my children and wife were going to be safe and I got back that we would all be fine through all this.

However, yesterday when I was in my Hot Tub I experienced as I watched the sunset through the parting rain clouds that we have reached a tipping point both for weather and Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. I experienced what I have felt for sometime but couldn't really make full sense of until yesterday. We appear to be in a new cycle in regard to both above ground weather and below ground weather. I think that is the best way to put this. Worrying about the causes is likely less important than finding ways to protect yourself and your families physically through the cycles we are now entering. It appears likely there will be massive losses of life periodically through the next several years. I don't know when this next cycle ends. If I were to make a guess it would end between 2014 and 2015 and then change into something else.

Developing one's intuitions and teaching one's children to do this as well and praying a lot is the best way to assure your survival through these times. And on a purely physical and practical level be aware of potential above and below ground weather events in your area. Try to position yourselves to avoid unnecessary harm during the next 5 years especially.

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