Monday, February 22, 2010

God Tricked me into staying alive

I said to my GodDaughter, "I was preparing for death". Then she said,"But you didn't die." And I said, "Yes. But all the amazing supernatural experiences of my life with God really got going when I prepared for death. I needed to know how to navigate in the other world. So Soul Travel seemed like a good thing to know so I wouldn't get stuck someplace I didn't want to be."

Then I said, "It is sort of like God tricked me into thinking I was dying between the ages of 12 to 15. I had childhood epilepsy and didn't expect to survive it. And in so doing God made me the way I became. It was through absolute terror that I learned to tap into all my spiritual gifts that God gave me. And then the real joke is I didn't die and I had to live with all the gifts I invoked from God when I thought I was dying. Even though I didn't really see the use of these kinds of gifts unless I was dead and trying to navigate on the other side, God has shown me every step of the way he did this to me so I could better help myself and all beings to live a really long time, (potentially).

Then after 15 all my gifts started to grow and grow and I got scared because most people couldn't do what I could. So, I asked God to help me so I Wouldn't misuse all these gifts he was giving me.
The answer I got back was, "Don't worry. If you misuse what I've given you you will just die."

This was a great way to create self discipline. It would be sort of like riding in a race car as a passenger and the driver saying, "I know we are presently driving at 140 miles per hour but it's your turn to drive now. So, you panic and grab the wheel and hope you don't kill the both of you. It's sort of like that.

That's exactly what God did to me in my teens. But he obviously knew what he was doing because I'm still here.

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