Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Talking to God Tuesday February 9th

Fred:I've been scared lately God
God: You should have talked to me sooner.
Fred:Yes. It was stupid wasn't it.
God: No. You were just adjusting to all the changes in your life and getting your bearings.
Fred: What should I be doing?"
God: Remember all the times you thought your life was over?
God: I got you through so many terrible things. Do you think I'm going to abandon you now?
Fred: No. I just got scared. Not being able to get the prescription I depend on scared me.
God: You survived without it for 20 or more years. I will see you go on no matter what.
Fred: I know, God. But sometimes it just seems there are just too many changes to make sense of at times.
God:The world is changing, Fred. It always has and always will. Did you think it would be 1953 when you were 5 years old forever?
Fred: At the time I wished it would change. I found the 1950s from age 2 to 12 pretty boring.
God: But now you long for all the people now gone?
Fred: Yes. I miss the security of those times and all the people I knew and loved then. I like equality so everyone doesn't have to struggle so much but even though it was boring there was for me a security that is gone now.
God: Like I said Fred everything keeps changing and no one stops that.
Fred: What should I do, God?
God: You are doing exactly what I want, now. Just be ready to do my work anytime anywhere.
Fred: I know, God. I try to do that.
God: Sometimes trying to hard defeats the purpose.
Fred: I can see that.
God: It's like your Grandmother told you, "Let go let God!".

Fred: Thanks God. I'll remember that.

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