Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do Corporations have Freedom of Speech Rights?


The above article is indirectly related to this one but a part of a much larger debate among U.S. Citizens now.

Recently the Supreme Court gave Corporations the right to fund Campaigns in an unlimited way. This was done by saying that Corporations have the right to freedom of speech. But a corporation is not a person and should NOT have the rights of a human being. A corporation is after all not a person but a legal fiction. It would be like saying, The movie Avatar has the right to donate and unlimited amount of money to any political campaign. I think you are beginning to see the problem.

When you define a corporation, which is a legal fiction, as having the rights of an individual you trample upon the rights of all individuals who comprise this nation. For no group of individuals can compete with the millions and billions in wealth of many corporations. By giving Corporations the right of free speech you steal away the rights of the voters of this nation. This is something the founding fathers never intended and would agree with me that this only ends our democracy from having individual rights and liberties by doing this.

De facto this ruling ended or completely modified our rights as American citizens in regard to our political process.

I think this happened because large insurance corporations panicked when we came this close to actually getting national health care. It looks like the 16% of our economy that went to health care is on its way to 20% and then 25% as a result. Can the actual bankruptcy of our nation due to health care costs be far behind?

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