Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Three Diety States

What I'm going to speak of now is very advanced. So, be very careful with what I'm sharing. For most of you it is better at first to just think of this intellectually and get used to the idea. For someone like myself that has become proficient at all 3 states of consciousness, I use them as needed as necessary to help myself and all life around me. Though I suppose I could stay in the highest state all the time I don't find it useful to me at present. If I was in a monastery or a cave somewhere then I might stay in such a state 24 hours a day. But at present I don't find that useful.

The operative words for me are, "Necessity is the mother of invention". Therefore I find it most useful to manifest as needed in any given moment. In other words I believe in Spontaneous manifestation based upon the needs of any given moment of time and space. I find that God has designed us all to do literally "anything" as needed in any given moment. There is no limit.

There are three basic states of consciousness in regard to Diety(Diety meaning in this case one's relationship to God, Life, Ultimate Nature). I would define these three states as Child State, Young Adult State and Fully functioning Adult State. Most people only get to the child state of relationship with God or Diety. Some get to young adult state but very few actually learn to manifest at will at the fully functioning adult state.

Child State: In this state of consciousness one sees God as an Amazing Being that will grant all our wishes. One prays to God thus: "Dear God Please give me this and this" Amen. This is the basic state that most beings who believe in or approach God function in most of the time.

Young Adult State: In this state God becomes one's best friend literally. You can talk to your friend at any moment and God will respond and take care of you and you take care of God's needs too in regard to all life on Earth and throughout the universe.

Fully Functioning Adult State: This is very tricky so be careful with this one. It is the state most easily abused. In this state one becomes a God literally. The misuse of this kind of state looks like Hitler, Stalin, and all the self diefied despots of all time(in other words narcisistic egotism and self interest above the actual needs of all others)

However, this state also looks like Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Mandela, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, And all the Saints of all religions.

One realizes fully that God and self are one and that beyond that all beings and God and self are all One. This is not just an intellectual experience but also a physical one, an emotional one and a very personal and spiritual one. It is a very deep ongoing experience and all life in the universe becomes your children that you wish to help and foster and take care of. Your wish is not to control all life in the universe but like a parent who wishes the best for all your children. It is not about you trying to make beings function in your image. It is you allowing all beings to function in their natural state as microcosmic Gods like you. It is about you naturally doing this more and more each day until you and everyone and all beings no longer suffer because all have become aware of their inherent and natural diety. Literally, on this very real path all become literal Gods, the Children of the one God.

So very simply I will state three three diety states:

Child: I look up and God is there for me and I make a respectful request like I would to a parent.

Young Adult: I see God as my best friend and our mutual interests encompass the whole universe and all time and Space.

Adult: I see that God has created me as a perfect consciousness microcosm of Himself, Herself, The Being. Therefore it is my honor, duty and love to manifest as a God like my father-mother God intended and help all beings in the universe as God always intended.

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