Monday, February 1, 2010

The Memories Series

I suppose it could be said that I started the "Memories Series" without realizing it one summer day in 1980. At the time I thought I was just looking up at the mountain at a lenticular cloud passing over it sort in a sort of flying saucer shape the way they often do there at about 14,000 feet to 18,000 feet. I thought I was just writing personally therapeutic science fiction that I found helpful at the time in processing my own varied life experiences.

So, I leaned against a large wooden post painted White and sat in the grass and wrote about Arcane being cast out of the war on Isfahel ( a neighboring planet to his) and banished to a planet a lot like earth after there were no people alive on it anymore.

It wasn't until 1998 and 9 that I began to realize after I almost died from a heart virus that this had been a past life experience in the future. When I had written "Arcane" I believed in reincarnation as my parents had taught me this as a child. However, I believed in sequential forward incarnations. I hadn't considered that one could be born anytime past, present or future and then be born previous to an incarnation. As I evolved as a being here on earth I realized almost anything is possible for those of us who choose to reincarnate on earth and other planets and dimensions. I don't believe all souls choose to incarnate more than once. There are many different kinds of souls(trillions and trillions) I now believe throughout the known and unknown universe.

I made a vow when I was getting an angiogram and electrical heart stimulation and waiting on a gurney along with about 60 other heart patients at Stanford Medical who were waiting for all kinds of heart operations that my fears of putting my life experiences in writing were ridiculous. I realized right then that the real loss to mankind would be if I didn't share my experiences and ideas. So, I made a vow to God right then if I survived my physical ordeal with not being able to oxygenate my blood and passing out over and over again because of my heart virus that I would keep writing of my experiences the rest of my life. And I have. At that time I was the only person I knew of to survive this. Because if one panicked even once when they passed out they would die. Only because I had learned a Tibetan Buddhist disconnection meditation was I able to not panic like all the rest who died because of it.

This is my other website besides my blog:

The buttons are at the top of the page for all my writings that are more or less in book or short story form depending upon what it is. Here is a description of some of the "Memories" series:

Memories part 1 through 11 (this is about Arcane's lifetime's for he learns about manyof his lives through Eridian(Meridian) when he is sent to Earth during an interplanetary war.

His Oneness- This is the leader of Lemuria here on earth that started the Stasis about 40,000 years ago. It is my present belief that this is also the "King of Shambala" that I started writing about after I received the "Kalachakra"(Wheel of Time) initiation from the Dalai Lama in Bodhgaya, India along with about 500,000 others around Christmas 1985.

Arcane-This gives more details about Arcane's life and work past, present and future.

Celeste-This is about Celeste Weaver's experiences who is also Fire Crystal on Atlantis when ARcane is the boy Darshan there and in Space.

Jonathan- Is about Jonathan Flow whose life somewhat mirrors my own in real life.

Tommy- Is about my Uncle Tommy, my Dad's youngest brother who (died?) in his own private plane crash in 1942 in Seattle.

UNUS- This is an Acrostic of UN= United Nations and U.S. United States. It is an organization that prevents nuclear war through time travel under the guidance of the Galactic Time Guard here on Earth. It's agents come from Police Forces and Armies primarily of the Free World but now mostly from everywhere because nuclear war is everyone's enemy that is sane.

The Protectors- Are about Jonathan's bodyguards sent by the Galactic Sentience and His Oneness to protect Jonathan as a liaison with the United Nations and Earth Governments in relation to Galactic Government and the Galactic Time Guard. His protectors are Purple Delta 7 and the Sargent, a solar plasma being who is a Galactic Marine War Veteran.

I often write under the heading fiction?

I do this so you can make up your own mind about what is going on. Since I am a precognitive psychic that believes that I'm probably writing a lot from past life memories, this is one of the explanations possible. Do I ask you to believe this? No.
Why should you if it isn't your own personal experience?

As I free thinker I hope those who read what I have written use their intuition and spiritual gifts and logic and reason to ferret out what is important to them.

As I write I am asking questions. What I write about brings answers to more questions every day. Whether some of these are your answers too or whether you have different answers is what life is all about.

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