Thursday, February 18, 2010

Plane flies into Austin, Texas IRS

I woke up this morning to a CNN broadcast of a small plane going into the IRS building in Austin Texas. Later in the day we found about a man in his early 50s writing a suicide note and flying the small plane consciously planned into the IRS Building. Normally, (if there is a normally in this situation) a man(it's usually a man) gets really upset in these kinds of cases and gets a gun and goes into a building like this and wastes several people and then turns the gun on himself.

The real problem I see with this is that there could be copy cat versions of this. It takes much less courage to end ones life this way than it does with a gun which is so very messy. And any idiot in good weather can take off a plane and then crash it into a building or home or other location. The real problem of flying a plane isn't taking off it is landing. So with or without a pilot's license almost anyone who can drive a car could theoretically do this if they stole a plane. So I see this sort of thing as an extremely dangerous precedent.

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