Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A 3.8 in Chicago?

The 3.8 earthquake that hit 41 miles from Chicago around 4 am seemed to shake people up pretty good there. But like someone said, "California has a 3.8 about every week so people there are "used?" to them". I have lived in California all my life and I don't think anyone really gets used to them. It's just something you deal with living in California.

The worst earthquake I rode out(as in bucking bronco) was the:

Begin quotes from wikipedia:
The 1971 San Fernando earthquake (also known as Sylmar earthquake) struck the San Fernando Valley near Sylmar at 6:00:55 a.m. PST on February 9, 1971, with a magnitude of 6.6.[1]

The quake claimed 65 lives and caused more than half a billion dollars in damage, including the destruction of two hospitals, two freeway interchanges and the Lower Van Norman Dam. Damage to the dam caused concern that the dam, of the earthen bulwark type, might collapse, in whole or in part.
end quote from wikipedia.

This was a really horrible quake. Though the magnitude was only 6.6 it went on forever at about 6 am. I remember it waking me up and really terrifying me. I had been to see the movie "MASH" at a drive in theater in Palm Springs the night before. I was 22. I was living that winter near Yucca Valley up on Yucca Mesa with my parents. Even that far away from the epicenter I thought I was going to die because it just kept shaking and shaking and shaking. It didn't seem to ever want to stop. It was the longest shaking I have ever experienced. It threw me out of my bed and onto the floor and bounced me around the room. It was still dark and I waited for it to end. By the last 30 seconds of the quake I finally decided we were all dead. For a Californian this is serious but I was okay with it for the first minute and a half of shaking but then it went too far even for me. A part of me believed that either a nuclear blast had occurred(partly because flashes of light were happening as power shorted out on nearby lines and some small propane tanks likely blew up when they were thrown off their moorings.) or I thought the coast was going to sink because the shaking was just so very long and painful for every living thing.

My ex-wife at that time was married to her first husband and they were in college and all their books fell on them and hurt them and all the power poles snapped and fell onto cars outside and every dish and window broke in their apartment when this happened. They were closer to the epicenter than I was.

Also, the 3.8 Chicago quake concerns me partly because of my vision about The Yellowstone Caldera which scientists say could go anytime from now on into the next thousand years or so.

If my vision was correct there would have to be volcanic eruptions between Japan and Alaska and also earthquake or volcanic activity between Alaska and down the Cascade range. If those things happen first and only if the eruption of the Caldera could occur in late March or early April. However, I have never had this complicated a vision come true. The ones that come true are usually single pointed and direct. Because of this I only give it a 25% chance of actually happening.

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