Monday, February 1, 2010

The Blind Side: The movie

Sandra Bullock really outdid herself in this one. also, the actor that plays Michael Orr? also did a really great job of portraying his character. The two of them do quite a dance and humanize the situation into something all kind and civil people of the world would be proud to witness. The fact that it is a true story and the fact that it mostly takes place in Memphis, Tennessee really shows how far the Southern States have come since the 1950s.

I have lived all over California during most of my life except for a couple of years in Hawaii and being born in Seattle, Washington and finishing High School at a private school in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Because of this I haven't ever lived in the Southern states to witness the change like locals there have.

However, this movie is a testament to just how far things have come being a true story. That an upper class woman who graduated Ole Miss (a famous Mississippi University) as well as her husband who are both Republicans can make these choices, things have seriously changed in the Southern States in the U.S.

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