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Saint Germain 2-17-2010

To understand more about the historical person: The Comte De Saint Germain please read:

However, after I quote from various sources of people who actually knew the Comte De Saint Germain during the 1700s of specifically France but throughout Europe I share some of my own personal experiences at my website.

I was born into a religion that saw Saint Germain as an ally of Jesus. And since we believed that one of Saint Germain's previous incarnations was that of Joseph the Father of Jesus one could assume that they were always friends, Brothers, and spiritual allies and family.

So, I grew up in this context of knowing Jesus and Saint Germain as spiritual allies in the progressive enlightenment of all mankind over thousands of years through evolutionary reincarnation.

So, this is where I begin with my life with Saint Germain and Jesus and Archangel Michael. My protector has always been Archangel Michael and his band of Archangels. My first formal memory of this lifetime was of them visiting me and my grandmother. She was a full blooded Scot that was born in the U.S. but raised in Scotland and then returned to the U.S. after getting married and then raised her family here in the U.S. I was around 2 years old at the time and she was singing "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" while rocking me around 1950 in one of the padded and cushioned rocking chairs that were vogue at that time. As she sang the Archangels led by Michael appeared in front of us. It was the beginning powerful spiritual memory of this lifetime and it seared itself into my memory so fully that I still remember it clearly now at almost 62 years of age. All the Archangels wore jeweled Armor from their feet to their necks. Only their hands and head were exposed. None wore facial hair but all had shoulder length hair of different hues from Blond (Archangel Michael) to black. They seemed to be welcoming me and seemed to recognize me as one of them only in human form. Once Michael showed himself and his band to me in this way he has never left and I often see him now in flashes of blue light or as a blue oval shape there whenever he is protecting me from something. He has saved my life many times already over the years.

So, this set the stage for my relationship with Saint Germain. As a little child I believed what my parents did only because they told me this is what to believe. Since my parents were in charge of the "I am" Sanctuary in Los Angeles from 1954 until 1960 when I was 6 to 12 years of age I often had to sit in the audience and wait for church services to be over. This would be between 2 hours to 4 hours in length. The longer services were usually conducted as special ones periodically during the year by Mrs. Edna Ballard or one of her staff. They traveled around and gave these extra long services periodically. In one way as an 8 to 12 year old I like this because I often got to meet old friends that would come in with their parents from hundreds of miles away for these services and sometimes even from the East Coast or another country. But I used to also get very bored because I was just a child and these things could go on forever. So, I finally decided one day to start "Pouring my love to Saint Germain and Jesus." I found this very powerful and satisfying so I continued doing this with amazing results. I found they started to talk to me about many things in life like a good adult talks to a child about what will help there life in the present and future be better. Since they gave faultless good advice I began to listen more and more and they saved me from many bad experiences in my life by listening to them both. Since most of the time they both would be there talking to me and sharing what I needed to do next I just got used to their council over the years. However, when I was 10 I got childhood epilepsy and began to get frightened of all this and began to wonder if there really was a God or not. And if so why was he letting me suffer so? So by age 12 I had moved into an uncertainty and fearful place. This unsureness lasted until I began going to church regularly to try to survive my epilepsy so I didn't die. I was very scared of what I was going through in my life and became despondent and suicidal in the process.

Finally, after a particularly bad night time seizure my father said to me as I recovered with my body shaking horribly, "You've just got to get some religion under your belt." I wasn't sure he was right or not but I knew if I didn't do something that I would be dead soon. So I began going to church 3 to 4 times a week with my parents. This created a situation that finally ended my childhood epilepsy and left me with many spiritual gifts because of the level of "Mind over matter" that I had had to use to survive my illness. I had had to be as emotionally grown up as people usually don't have to get to until their 30s to survive. This made me very different and much more serious than most other kids that hadn't had long term near death experiences. So I was very serious in some ways and didn't return to a more childlike demeanor until my early twenties when I grew my hair long and a beard for a while. This time between ages 21 and 25 healed my soul from all the psychological and physical pain I had endured from childhood epilepsy.

Saint Germain became more and more important in my life, especially after my father told me we were related to Francis Bacon who likely was an illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth I of England of the 16th Century Elizabethan times. And since Among Masonic and other people in the know it is considered that the Comte de Saint Germain was born as Francis Bacon and actually wrote the Shakespearean plays under the pen name of his friend, William Shakespeare, it meant that I was literally biologically related to Saint Germain. I found this to be amazing that I carried Saint Germain's genes forward literally. When I read the Comte De Saint Germain by Cooper- Oakley(Now in print again) I read about the graying of the temples of Saint Germain and realized as I read it once again that I have this inherited trait too of mostly graying in the temples. So even though I am 61 I am mostly gray near my face and still have dark brown hair on most of my head.
My father in law asked me if I dyed my hair. I said, "NO. This is how my family greys. Very slowly."

All these things during my life only made me feel closer to Saint Germain as an actual ancestor and relative. Then on Easter 1973 he appeared to me out of a poster on a wall of the sun coming up over a mountain and permanently changed my life. After living in the Violet Flame that he is famous for for around one hour(I never knew the flames were alive. They reminded me of song birds as I watched the black smoke pour out of my chest upwards. When he came towards me in a Violet oval of light it became to powerful spiritually for me to stay conscious and so I lost consciousness and woke up an hour or so later with my brain reprogrammed so my consciousness duplicated his. I was different after that experience and have thought more like Saint Germain after this. It was as if I was a nail to a Saint Germain electromagnet. My brain was repolarized into a Saint Germain alignment and my supernatural gifts increased exponentially after that.

Around age 25 I couldn't deal with my gifts anymore and said to God, "This is just too overwhelming God. I can't deal with seeing all this stuff good and bad all the time. Just show me what you need to to see and know when I need to know it. And poof everything changed and what I asked happened. It is much more efficient and useful now. It is amazing how life will do what you ask if you are properly empowered for it. However, I don't use this lightly because whenever I ask God now for something he gives it to me. So, mostly I only ask for stuff in emergencies because I don't like how every single thing in my life changes if I ask for something big. The big thing happens but every thing else and all the people and even where I live changes and I find that confusing and not useful to me in most instances. So, I have learned only to ask for things in emergencies after that.

However, I'm always being put into situations to help mankind in various ways. Because I use my gifts that God has bestowed wisely they continue to increase daily. However, if you wish to be like this the more gifted you become the more responsibility you have to keep your motivation clear in the use of the Gifts given. It's just like if you move from a Cessna 152 plane to piloting a jet like a 737 or something like this it is a much greater responsibility and you better know what you are doing. So, a feeling of kindness towards all life in the universe is absolutely necessary to get beyond a certain point in spiritual evolution.

So, I guess what I'm saying here is that both Jesus and Saint Germain have been my teachers throughout my life in a very personal sense. They are not my teachers for just my own health and well being. They are my teachers so I will use the gifts they give me to benefit all of you.

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