Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Heaven and Earth

As an intuitive I felt moved to write this tonight. First of all the 300,000+ people who have now passed away in Haiti and the 250,000 who passed away around Christmas 2004 in Indonesia and the surrounding area from the Tsunami and Earthquakes then make all the people who have died in the terrorist wars since 2001 insignificant in a pure numbers comparison. It is said that over 4000 American soldiers have actually died in the Iraq war, but even if you combine all the deaths in Iraq for example it would still be under 60,000 even including all foreign soldiers like ourselves, from Europe etc. The scale of death of these two events is mind boggling for us humans. Just these two events alone represent approximately 500,000 deaths.

As a way to honor the heaven realms as they came close to earth during each event(and have not withdrawn to their normal distance from earth even now) I wish to write of my own experiences with heaven in relation to earth to honor and bless all those who have transited over during the last 10 years and to honor all our ancestors who have transited before us.

As we all grow up many people want to read various things to us about Heaven and what heaven is. Well. I want to share my experiences of heaven as an intuitive the last 62 years of my life. It is not easy to stay alive as an intuitive because in some ways it is too painful to be an intuitive. But I think that God wants those of us that he has trained as intuitives to be here so we are.

First of all, it is my experience that heaven is a state of consciousness and not really a place. Likewise, earth is not really a place at all but also a state of consciousness. I find if you really want to make progress in life and to lessen all real suffering seeing life in this way is very helpful.

So, if one starts by seeing that what they put their attention on they travel to in consciousness. Now, remember place doesn't actually really exist in the universe only different states of consciousness. So, just like a sailor on the sea someone has to be at the tiller of the boat or the wheel of the boat holding true the course for all on board and to maintain the consciousness of what the group actually wants to experience.

Heaven realms all connect to earth through those who allow themselves to experience those heaven realms. Imagine that you are Shaun White, the Gold medal winner in men's snowboarding at the Olympics. If you didn't believe you could win that medal, you couldn't do it could you? So, first you have to have the desire to do something, then you have to practice at that thing and then you have to take the time to do it enough to get really good and then you have to maintain a certain state or states of consciousness that allows you to keep doing that.

Connecting with the Heaven realms while living on earth is exactly the same. First, you have a goal of where you want to go. Now as you grow in consciousness it is important to be open to higher awareness of the universe as you experience it constantly. It is just like Shaun White having to get used to temperature, wind and snow conditions every day or night he competes. Likewise, you and I have to be realistic about what is actually going on every moment.

Let's take this to something most of us do every day or almost every day. Let's say driving a car or bicycle or motorcycle or even walking or jogging. If you are going to do any of those things first you have to be aware of the weather, the road conditions, your physical, mental and emotional state in order to be safe at all in what you are doing. But if the weather is good there is really no limit other than time or money to any distance you want to go is there?

The same is true of your connection to the heaven realms. I have found since I am 62 years old now that most of the people my parents age or aunts or uncles are already on the other side. But since I have been pretty good to them they are pretty good to me and help me still here on earth from their heaven realms. Also, there are many different heavens according to people's beliefs just like there are many nations and cultures here on earth. It is definitely not one size fits all in the heaven realms of earth.

Also, other planets and eras also have their own heaven realms according to their needs and desires as beings. So, heaven realms are not unique to earth's children.

It is my hope that your REAL experiences of heaven are helped by my own experiences as a life long intuitive.

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