Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dear John: The Movie

Since it was a rainy day my wife asked me to go to a movie. Of the choices she listed I thought "Dear John" would be the best.

I was pleased with the movie because instead of a complete fairy tale it actually made a lot of sense.
The problems that the two lovers encountered seemed almost actual during the times covered as well as both lovers responding to the many events in their each individual lives.

My wife was a little disappointed in the movie as it is told from the perspective of the soldier instead of the female point of view. However, his point of view is very simplistic as most men tend to be and very easy to follow. So there is no ambiguity at all in his emotions and stances. But I think my wife wanted more of her point of view to be up front.

So, this seems kind of strange to make a chick flick for guys(so to speak). However, I liked it and she was disappointed because it wasn't what she expected.

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