Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Changes 2-16-10

Being an intuitive can be very odd. However, just being a human being on earth I consider pretty odd in itself.

Today, where I live it was sunny and then got foggy which isn't unusual because I live within 1 mile of the Pacific Ocean. So it went from about 70 degrees in the sun to about 55 within a few minutes. I didn't consider this unusual at the time because of where I live. So, I hopped on my motorcycle( a 2009 Kawasaki Klr 650 with knobby tires) and rode away only to discover that foggy air is one of the coldest things I have ever ridden through( I usually prefer to ride above 60 degrees Fahrenheit because I'm almost 62 years old). Since I was riding with my open face helmet with only sunglasses and no visor down(this particular helmet I wore doesn't have one) ( I just wear sunglasses with this helmet) I decided within a few miles that my face was just too wet and cold from moisture bringing my face temperature down too quickly and not being into self punishment I decided to cut my ride short.

Then I came back and got into my Lexus and rode to the bank. On my way home I decided to see if the waves were still big(there were 40 foot waves at Maverick's Beach that injured all those spectators over the weekend). They weren't that big but what was strange was that the fog started at the road next to the beach and went inland and followed the beach all the way down the coast. This was very strange to the point of being surrealistic.

First of all if there is fog it usually starts in the ocean and then comes inland but is foggy in the ocean too. So to just have fog on the landed part was super strange. I sort of felt like I was in a digitally enhanced movie or something because what was happening seemed sort of impossible.

I had an experience something like this years ago when a perfectly straight cloud 30 miles long was above us at this same beach and had a straight edge like a ruler for 30 miles northward. I found this pretty strange too.

Lately, there seem to be many changes in the Time Space of Earth. What this means I don't really know, except as an intuitive I notice large changes like this. Most people seem to be oblivious and preoccupied with other things so they are much less aware of their surroundings than I tend to be as an intuitive. I always look to nature to guide me in what is happening in all life around me. Sometimes, a flock of birds will take off and I watch the configuration of sometimes hundreds of birds. One can tell a lot about the group energy field of any humans or other lifeforms within several miles just watching a flock of birds or by looking at cloud formations. Most people don't realize that everything affects everything to a greater or lesser degree. So all this information might save your life or keep you alive and unhurt if you are aware of what is going on. These clues both make my life worth living and keep me and other alive and unhurt. However, whatever is going on on earth lately I find very very strange.

I asked God about this and he said, "You've been through these extreme changes before. Just go with it even though it is all new." What can I say. God is usually right about this sort of thing. If life gives us lemons let's make lemon pie or lemonade. There isn't much else to do.

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