Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Purple and Jonathan 2-17-2010

Purple Delta 7- "I'm here Jonathan. What is it?"
Jonathan Flow- "What's going on, Purple?"
Purple-"I'm not really at liberty to say. You know about the prime directive concerning time."
Jonathan-"Yes. But it is so strange. It feels like some sort of cataclysm is coming in the next couple of months."
Purple- "This could mean many different things, Jonathan. It could be an earthquake, major political changes or other unexpected events."
Jonathan-"Yes. I know but it is like waiting for the axe to drop. It's very uncomfortable".
Purple-"You were given these premonition gifts to protect yourself and your family and friends. You know you will be okay and know where to go and where to be, right?"
Jonathan-"Yes. But what I feel is ominous. I know I will survive whatever is coming but it is different than anything I've ever experienced in my life."
Purple-"Then you know it will likely be something new then?"
Jonathan- "Yes. Just talking about this with you makes me feel better about whatever it is."
Purple-"Just know you and your family are positioned correctly and will be okay. All right?"
Jonathan- "It must be weird to be a time traveler".
Purple-" No. Time traveling isn't weird for me. What is really weird for me is to have now over a million bodies set to go off like a bomb at a moments notice scattered throughout time and space. Now that is weird."
Jonathan-"But that is just a precaution. Right?"
Purple-"Of course. But you wouldn't want to go around with a million pistols cocked would you?"
Jonathan-"No. I guess not. When can you uncock all the triggers?"
Purple-"Tomorrow morning I can do that."
Jonathan-"And you can't tell me why".

Purple Delta 7 is an infinite class battle droid that I have written about now for about 10 years. Her partner is called the Sargent and is a plasma being from a sun. He is a Deep Space Galactic Marine Veteran. But now his main mission is to guard Jonathan Flow on Earth who is classified as Galactic Soul Royalty and whose mission is to be a Liaison between Earth Governments through the United Nations and the Galactic Government. Such a being needs a bodyguard so he has two now, Purple Delta 7 and the Plasma Marine Sargent of the Deep Space Galactic Marines.

You might ask what Purple Delta 7 and a Plasma being from a sun have in common? Well. First of all it's the electricity they share. For example, the Sargent's favorite pass time on earth is traveling through AC electric wires between a house and the Electrical generating station through a lightbulb in the house. For him, this is a meditation that reminds him of his childhood in a star. Whereas Purple Delta 7's favorite pass time on Earth is to relay ALL communications from Cable TV to all phone calls, emails or communications of any sort, verbal or telepathic between all creatures on earth back to the Galactic Time Guard headquarters near the center of the Galaxy. However, most of all the two of them just love being together on the same mission.

Since both Purple Delta 7 and the Sargent are experienced Battle Time Travelers, first they scan a two hundred year period. They scan 100 years before Jonathan Flow was born on Earth and then the next 100 years and then the next 500 years. Then all they have to do once all anomalies have been dealt with time and space wise is to look for new arising problems and anomalies in the time space fabric of Jonathan Flows life ongoing. Obviously, these problems more than likely are caused by other time travelers who have a different mission and who are either from earth in another time or from another place beyond earth in the same or a different time.

Some other short and longer works on Purple Delta 7 hopefully can be reached at these web addresses that I have written:

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